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META APP is an innovation


Meet the future through META NETWORK.

The metaverse market, which currently amounts to 100 trillion won, is expected to reach 1,700 trillion won by 2030.

Meta Network aims to build a metaverse platform ecosystem.

Through the mining application, you can obtain a certain amount of META according to your contribution and engage in various economic activities within the metaverse ecosystem currently being developed.

Metaverse refers to a three-dimensional virtual world in which social, economic, and cultural activities such as the real world take place, and it first appeared in the 1992 novel Snow Crash by American SF writer Neil Stevenson.

Metaverse is gradually attracting attention due to the development of information and communication technology due to the commercialization of 5G and the acceleration of non-face-to-face trends due to the COVID-19 pandemic.      [Learn more]